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The Silent Boys / indie pop band


grant BW_edited_edited.jpg


bass guitar


"I'm captivated by 007, Star Wars and Marvel comics.  I've currated a guitar and pedal collection that is swiftly taking over my home.  My super power is growing a full beard in 24-48 hours.  While I play badass guitar for numerous local bands, including lead guitar in The Grain Hoppers, I too 'drank the  Kool-Aid' and am now part of this incongruous crew called The Silent Boys."

John Morand Silent Boys drummer


drums/ percussion


"I drank the Silent Boys Kool-Aid in 1991 when they were recording in my studio (Sound of Music) in Richmond, Virginia.  I quickly switched from engineer to drummer for 'People Change Like the Weather' and I've been alternating my hats for a series of records over 20+ years,"

John Suchocki and his lead guitar


keyboards/ lead guitar


“I was a graduate student science nerd back in the mid-1980s when my roommate’s friend came over to visit our house. This friend,  Wallace Dietz, played a cassette tape of music he'd recently recorded in a studio. A studio? I had long been a songwriter and was perfectly happy with my recently aquired Fostex 4-track. My happiness was demolished when I heard the quality of this studio recording. The music itself was kind of interesting. but that hi-fi crystal deep sound sucked me in like a black hole. How did you do that? Where is this studio? Can I join your band? The rest, many years later, is history still in the making.”

Wallace Dietz of the Silent Boys


rhythm guitar/



"I'm always trying to write the perfect pop song that uses the most memorable melodies  I can imagine.  I'm inspired by such timeless classics as ‘Cinnamon Girl,’ ‘Space Age Love Song,’ ‘This Charming Man,’ ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart,’ ‘Driver 8,’ and ‘Boys Don't Cry,’  ....all songs by groups that have the same thing in common --

an emphasis on joyful melodies, intriguing lyrics, emotional vocals, and passionate playing." 

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(bass player 2015 - 2021)

"My conscription into the Silent Boys happened on a hot, summer, Sunday afternoon when bandleader Wallace Dietz pedaled over to my house to ask my wife if it was OK for me to come out to  I had taken about an 18 year hiatus from playing regularly.  Wallace knew that I loved 80's guitar pop & he took a chance that I had workable bass guitar talent.  He & John brought me in to record  


and, three albums later, there’s no going back!  I'm enjoying every song as the newest addition to the Silent Boys band lineup."


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