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RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2020


RELEASE DATE: February 21, 2020


Today's music landscape brims with young hipster bands that have ransacked their parents' record collections and concocted a sound that harkens back to the ‘80s guitar pop scene when The Cure, New Order, REM, and The Smiths ruled the college radio airwaves. The Silent Boys have their roots in that vein and are still mining this magically melodic era. They recorded and played the local club circuit in Richmond, Virginia from the mid-‘80s until 1991, when the group all but disbanded.

  After an eight-year hiatus and the release of several Silent Boys songs on various indie record labels, Dietz reformed The Silent Boys in 1999. Since then he has continued to write songs that pay homage to the iconic ensembles of that musically potent decade with a sound, as one writer noted, comprised of "ultra-melodic lead guitar, strumming acoustic, snappy drums, and expressive bass-lines that propel finely crafted pop songs, brimming with lyrical optimism."

  As another critic succinctly put it,
"The Silent Boys are on a mission to keep the spirit of the 1980's alive."


"If you  appreciate good solid underground guitar pop, this album is likely to push

all of your buttons just the way you like 'em pushed.  Highly recommended. Top pick. - BabySue  


"With tracks that Lee Mavers and Michael Stipe would be proud, the Silent Boys

have all the jangly pop rock that made The La’s and R.E.M. forces to be reckoned with."


"The Silent Boys have been a mainstay of potted jangly indie-pop for the past 20 years or so and produce a sound that simply refuses to let the UK, as the 80’s birthplace of indie-pop, die."  - JANGLEPOPHUB


"Honestly not a bad tune in the pack. Please don't ever stop Silent Boys!" - Dagger Zine

"And where Progression favors that truly gritty, almost punk sound, the band’s more modern releases see the band paying homage to their past while progressing into true indie-pop. " - Fense Post

Avoiding most whistles and bells of indie pop, the Silent Boys choose to play in a quiet, understated way, and that is probably why their songs go straight to the heart of any indiepop-kid, especially the ones old enough to remember how pop music was back in the eighties. -

"Like cassette mixtapes, Maxell t-shirts and Thatcherism, The Silent Boys are on a mission to keep the spirit of the 1980’s alive." - Is This Music?

"Another batch of 80s-informed, pop-giddy guitar songs. Leader Wallace Dietz's dry voice and ringing acoustic guitar frame his ultra-melodic, tastefully positive tunes; the rest of the band gives the tracks just enough thrust to keep things moving." - High Bias

A most beguiling and rewarding album for fans of some classic, more obscure (at least now) sounds of the mid/late 80`s; we`re talking bands like The Feelies, The Housemartins, Love Tractor, The Smiths, Miracle Legion, Kiwi bands like The Chills and The Bats and The Field Mice. It`s deceptive in its subtlety, while keeping a `back porch`, informal, friendly sound. Each listen reveals new pleasures and layers to enjoy. Very Highly Recommended! - Not Lame

"Highly recommended for jangle pop fans!" - Apple Orchard

"Put these guys (the Silent Boys) on the bill with Belle & Sebastian, The Drums, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and David Westlake, and we might all swoon from the endless six-string gorgeousness and la la vocals." - JACK RABID/BIG TAKEOVER

"...bright, upbeat jangly Pop evoking that warm, nostalgic feel of hearing for the first time in one’s life The Smiths, The Go-Betweens, The Brilliant Corners, The Chills and The Mighty Lemon Drops."


"From the moment the jangle of opening track 'Don’t Take Love For Granted' kicks in, you are transported back into the mid 1980’s." - PENNY BLACK MUSIC.COM.UK


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